Bad Boy Buggies

The Bad Boy SUV (Silent Utility Vehicle) is the first ever Dual-Motor All Electric 4WD. Not only is it quiet, it’s clean and environmentally friendly as well. No more noisy gas engines to worry about. The Bad Boy will give you all the power you need to go places you’ve never gone before.

This ATV will ride up to 4 people comfortably and inexpensively utilizing the rear flip seat, or just fold the seat down to make a convenient cargo area for your game or supplies. With an 800 lb load capacity, the Bad Boy is built to haul.

This mean machine runs on dual electric motors for a quiet comfortable ride. The Bad Boy comes with a 1000 amp controller that will handle the torque of the two 15hp motors (30 hp total). Climb steep hills, ease through ditches and walk through mud. Even the toughest terrain is no match! This Bad Boy has more ground clearance with mud grip tires than most gas 4-wheelers, up to two inches more! The Bad Boy delivers 170 ft. lbs. of torque. Check your ATV and compare to that!

The Bad Boy will not only get you to your hunting spot quietly, you can use it on the farm to feed the animals, carry supplies around the construction site or use it around your flower or vegetable garden at home. Need power, you’ve got it. Need a hauler, it’s there. Its many things too many people. It’s the all new Bad Boy.

Bad Boy
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