How to Hunt Effectively Under Any Conditions

by Ray Eye

Tactics and strategies from America’s leading expert.

Ray Eye is one of the most renowned turkey hunters in America. With more than thirty years’ experience as a professional hunting guide, he has taken part in every aspect of the sport, including speaking across the country about hunter safety, conservation, and turkey-hunting techniques. In PRACTICAL TURKEY HUNTING STRATEGIES he makes his expertise available to turkey hunters everywhere. Whether you hunt in spring or fall, with a gun or with bow and arrow, alone or with a partner, you will find a wealth of practical information in this invaluable book.
With so many turkey-calling titles to his credit-including two National Championships and the World Natural Voice Championship-it is fitting that Ray includes a thorough discussion of calling techniques, from beginning to highly advanced. But he emphasizes that calling is only one of the many crucial aspects of turkey hunting: Also vital to a successful hunt are locating the turkeys, finding a strategic calling position, choosing proper equipment, and ensuring your own safety and that of other hunters.
Combining the knowledge of a living legend with the humor and excitement of Ray’s own turkey-hunting tales, PRACTICAL TURKEY HUNTING STRATEGIES is a treasure trove for anyone who wants to learn more about the fascinating-even addicting-sport of turkey hunting.

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