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Walker’s Wrap-A-Rub

An innovative , but simple idea for deer hunting is the Walker Wrap-A-Rub. It simulates a buck’s antler rub which has been proven to be the visual and olfactory communication between deer. Deer can easily see the Wrap-A-Rub from a distance and investigate the "new" signpost. Tested and proven during the 1995 season, deer hunters can now lure "ol’ mossy horns" well within range.

Developed by Bob Walker, inventor of the Game Ear, this new product is easy to use and certain to grab the attention of any deer in the area. In the woods, the Wrap-A-Rub looks identical to a horned tree. Hunters can now make numerous mock buck rubs on commonly rubbed trees without any damage to those trees in their specific hunting area.

The Walker’s Wrap-A-Rub serves a dual purpose. First, it gives the appearance of a "fresh" rub that will visually catch any roving deer’s attention. Secondly, it will absorb and disperse any scent added by the hunter. This combination of scent and visual cue given by it will hold a buck’s interest and enable the hunter to make the shot.

In most cases, bucks rub trees that have a circumference of approximately 1- 4 inches. It will fit trees up to 4 inches in circumference and is highly effective when used with a sex scent during the breeding seasons. Included with it are rubber gloves to reduce human scent when handling the product. The gloves also reduce the risk of Lyme disease when field dressing your deer.

The wrap-A-Rub is approximately 16 inches in length and is highly effective when used with the special combination scents. Also included, are two bottles of scent – Walker’s Whitetail Enticer Scent, and Ben Lee’s Whitetail Forehead Gland Scent – a power combination field tested and proven to attract deer.

The Walker’s Wrap-A-Rub is ecologically safe and is now available for deer hunters from Walker’s Game Ear, Inc. For more information about the Walker’s Wrap-A-Rub and many other fine products, write to Bob Walker at Walker’s Game Ear, P.O. Box 1069, Media, PA., 19063 or call Bob at (610) 565- 8952.

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