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Ray Eye & Beloptix Eyewear

"I can see game in the brush with these sunglasses that I can’t see with the naked eye," he stated after a recent hunting trip. "Using these sunglasses, my vision is enhanced no matter how bright the sun is, and they provided optimum clarity and contrast throughout the day, from early morning, through high noon. Having them available in my prescription was a special bonus – no need to wear contacts and standard sunglasses. These sunglasses are simply amazing – seeing is believing!"

"ThermalFeet is the best new product I’ve seen in years. It allows hunters to stay in the field much longer and stay comfortable in cold weather. ThermalFeet™ allows me to stay in my stand all day while hunting whitetail deer and I don’t have to worry about getting cold feet. With ThermalFeet™ my toes stay warm so I can concentrate on the game that I’m hunting. I recommend every hunter in America including turkey, waterfowl, predator, elk, mule deer and whitetail deer hunters; own at least one pair of ThermalFeet™. ThermalFeet™ allows me to focus my attention on hunting instead of worrying about having cold feet."


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