Eye on the Wild Turkey
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"Sounds of Spring"

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Eye on the Wild Turkey
Volume 1 – Basic to Intermediate Tactics

  • Interpreting Turkey sign for Successful Hunting
  • Calling Gobblers off the Roost
  • Hunting Gobblers During Mid-Morning
  • Hunting Gobblers when it’s raining or windy


Eye on the Wild Turkey
Volume 2 – Intermediate to Advanced Tactics

  • Understanding the Seasonality, Cycle and Pecking Order of the Wild Turkey
  • Hunting Gobblers with Competition
  • "Fall" Calling Spring Gobblers
  • Hunting Gobblers that Hang-up
  • Hunting Strutting Areas
  • Intentionally Flushing Turkeys

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How to Hunt Effectively Under Any Conditions

Tactics and strategies from Ray Eye, America’s leading expert.

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