The Coffee Pot

Home cooked meals prepared when ordered

The “Coffee Pot” doesn’t just offer great friendly service, but serves the best homemade breakfast we have found. This is the place for real “Cat head biscuits.” 

Our crew, guides and myself have voted the Coffee Pot as best breakfast. In a world losing quality old fashion cafes with great service and a good breakfast to the numerous fast food chains, the Coffee Pot is a fresh breath of air and a wonderful place to have Breakfast.

There has been a cafe at their location for over fifty years. The building was built in the early 1930s. The building used to be a cafe garage and gas station. The coffee Pot as its known today occupies the former cafe and garage and the current owners are Brenda Gorman and Wanda Rogers.

The Coffee Pot
104 North main Street
Licking, Missouri


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