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Ozarks Fall Media Hunt

October 25-27, 2005

Bad Boy in the Ozarks

Big Piney River

The opening of Ozarks Milkweed

The Coffee Pot Cafe

Girls from the Coffee Pot Cafe

Outdoor writers Spence Turner and Joel Vance

Outdoor writer Spence Turner, President of OWAA, driving a Bad Boy with turkey

They never hear you coming

Bob Whitehead, Jason Jenkins, Spence Turner, Ray, Joel Vance is missing

Wild Clown at cabin window at 3 AM looking for Bob Whitehead

Outdoor Guide Mag. Editor Bob White Head took this trophy wild clown while turkey hunting. (Note how clowns are adapting by wearing camo)

MOC officer & outdoor writer Jason Jenkins with his first turkey

Jason Jenkins and legendary outdoor writer Joel Vance with fall turkeys


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