Arkansas Youth Turkey Hunt
April 1 , 2006
Ray Eye donated a guided hunt on K-Kountry Radiothon to raise money for the kids at ST.Jude’s Children’s Hospital in 2005.
On April 1, 2006, Ray donated his time as well to take the winner turkey hunting  during the Arkansas 2006 youth turkey season

K95 Radio

Mike Crase & Harlin Hutchison, K95

Ray and Gary Lee, KU KU Oldies

AJ Smith

Mammoth Spring

Winner AJ Smith and Ray

A,J Ray, Megan, & Gary Lee

Morning all,

Most states, including Missouri, have made great strides in providing a quality outdoor experience for young hunters in the great outdoors while turkey hunting.

However, after participating in the Arkansas youth season this past weekend, I would like to make a few suggestions for improving turkey hunting opportunities for the kids.

The Arkansas youth season dates of Saturday April 1 and Sunday April 2 are just too early in the spring for a “traditional” turkey hunting experience for the kids.

The woods were extremely barren, wintertime gray, wide open, not conducive when hunting with youngsters. The first hint of Red Bud were along the streams, other than that, it looked like January woods.

Wild turkeys were still in winter time flocks and very difficult to call. There was gobbling from roosted flocks, but most subsided after fly down. Toms were strutting and pecking order fighting was observed both days, but spring break up had not occurred.

Not sure how to say this, but with all the Political correctness echoing across our country today that the future of hunting is all about the kids, then we all should do whatever is possible to provide kids the best opportunity to take a turkey and have a quality outdoor experience.

With an April 8 & 9 Missouri youth season, our state’s youth hunters will experience the same frustration as Arkansas kids the past weekend.

I feel youth turkey seasons in every state should be priority one. The “future” of hunting should have a turkey season scheduled during prime gobbling time. The kids should have more than 2 days to hunt, the grown ups get four weeks. A Friday, Saturday and Sunday would help, but a couple of weekends or a five day hunt would be a big improvement.

In Missouri the Saturday and Sunday of the Monday opener would be a great time for the kid’s turkey season. It makes much more sense as the hunting would be better and Adult hunters would be preparing for the Monday “big people season” anyway.

I would even go as far as giving up the first couple of days of Missouri ‘s spring season just for the kids.

I really believe we should consider making changes to the current, “Hey let’s give the kids a couple of days before the regular season” type of philosophy, and provide Americas hunting “future” with a real “quality” turkey hunting experience.

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