African Safari

“Eye on the Outdoors” goes on Safari in Tanzania, East Africa. Gary Story, Rick Story and Ray Eye hunt the famous Selous Game Reserve, one of the largest and wildest hunting areas in Africa.

August 21 – September 17, 2007

A Trip of a Lifetime

As a guest of Mr. Gary Story and Mr. Rick Story, Ray Eye embarks on a life time adventure on Safari in East Africa.   The journey begins on arrival to East Africa, Tanzania.  Our first night is at the world famous Sea Cliff Hotel in the city of Dar es Salaam. The next day we depart by bush plane from Dar es Salaam to the Selous Game Reserve, an area larger than Switzerland, millions of remote, wild acres.

Into the Bush

We land on a grass air strip deep in the bush and greeted by our safari crew and hundreds of local natives. Once our gear is loaded into the Safari trucks, we drive into the bush to begin our twenty- one day Safari.  Our camp is on the banks of the Great Ruaha River, one of the two largest rivers in East Africa, a river full of Crocs and Hippos.

This is not a pampered Ranch hunt with hot tubs and brunch served prior to the hunt. Our lodging   consists of tents with a “Bush” bathroom attached to the back of tent. Our meals  are what we kill each day.

In the wilds of Africa, everyday is a new adventure  hunting free roaming, “fair chase” wild animals.   East Africa, Tanzania and the Selous is an extraordinary place, with exceptional, wonderful people, they are friends and family.

“As a hunter, part of me, my heart, mind and spirit will always remain in the wilds of Africa.”



Safari contact information :                                          

PH Hamish Manning
Phone: + 255.741.409993

Safari NJema
PH Piet Steyn
Land line: +27 11 327-6492
Web site:

Indian Ocean

Shoreline at Sea Cliff

Room at the Sea Cliff Hotel

Sea Cliff Hotel

The Sea Cliff Hotel on the coast of East Africa

African Coffee

African Lobster

Camp area swept clean every day

Dinner is served

Inside my tent

Live Radio show on 590 the Fan from the Selous Game reserve in Tanzania

P. H Piet Steyn taking to America on radio show from Africa

Left to right: Hamish Manning, The John Daily of PH’s, Brendan Manning and Rick Story having morning coffee in camp

The Ruaha River as seen from camp

Kilombero River in the Selous Game Reserve

Lunch Break

Lunch in the Bush

Mr Gary Story during dinner in camp

My home for 23 nights

Our Safari Truck

PH Piet Steyn on left and Brendon Manning

Ray holding Maasai war club

Rick Story, PH Mish and PH Piet at dinner table

Snail shells from the Bush

Gary, Brendan and Hamish talk about the mornings hunt over lunch

The Bush

This part of Africa looks like North MO

Africa toilet and cleaning bucket

Boys in town

Kids in town looking in our truck

The boys go to town


Gary visiting with natives

Building the leopard blind

Finishing the leopard blind

Dragging Bait for scent trail

Hanging leopard bait

Hippo leg will be used for Lion Bait

Hanging lion bait

Leopard bait in back of truck

Preparing bait for leopard

Ray and trackers rode on the seat above this everyday on the hunt

Waiting by fire for trackers to find Leopard

Naftal and Gary with Chui


Apprentice PH Brendan,our PH Hamish, Gary and cameraman Ray with Mr. Story’s trophy Leopard

Popo Bawa

Camp during big Ka Booby or Party after Leopard kill

Awesome cape taken by Rick and his crew

Black death, Cape Buff taken by Gary with Ray running camera

Professional Hunter Hamish Manning, Cameraman Ray Eye , and Mr. Gary Story with Trophy Cape Buffalo

Ray with his Croc-a-gator

Retrieving Croc

Rick’s huge Croc

Skinners at work

Tic toc -tic toc, Captain Hook

Sunrise over the Great Ruaha River

Check this out


Rick with his Huge Hippo

Apprentice P H Brendan Manning and trackers swam with the Crocs to retrieve Hippo

Gary with Hippo

Cameraman break on the beach

Clearing the road

Double trouble

Elephant skull with Ray’s cap

Every day is a new adventure in the Bush

Gary Story with one of his Baboons
Gary’s first Baboon, how do my teeth compare to his

Hyena, the Devil Dog

Julias, Naftal, Molilidi, Ray and Kumeni with dinner

Kongoni no match for Remington 300 Ultra Mag


Kumeni and Game Scout WillFred at the Phone both calling home

Molilidi, Ray and Martin, our driver


Monkey Butts!!

Mr. Gary Story on Safari

Proffesional tracker and friend Molilidi on truck with Ray

Ray with his good friend Masi warrior Kumeni

Ray with his Impala

Reed Buck

Rick with his trophy Sable

The guys and Ray with his Baboon

The guys and Ray with his Kongoni Lichtenstein Hartebeest

Tracker giving critters the finger for running away as taught by Ray

My man James



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