Radio Show Snapshots

Radio Show Snapshots – March 2 & 11

Listeners and Eye on the Outdoors Crew after Barbeque Cook-Off

Ralph "five pounds of possum" Duren and Voglar Vogler

Fat Boy and Ray in studio

"Pepper" & Big John

Fat Boy, Denny Dennis, Marty Eye

Big John & Voglar Vogler

Fat Boy

Big "Bad" John

Bob "Rambling Bob" Whitehead, Outdoor Guide Magazine

Bill Babler

Mike "greenheadwacker" Weller

Jeremy is all smiles after hammering the Vogler Voglar

Man behind the glass, Jeremy Smith

Ray and Jeremy at 590 the Fan

Morning Pig Pen

On Air

Ray Preparing for the Show

Talking to Fat Boy

Ray plotting Vog’s demise

Vog speaketh.. Ralph Laughing..?

Ray giving Chris the stink eye
Chris Vogler sharing his infinite wisdom

Gary Lee, Ozarks River fishing reporter



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