"Eye On the Wild Turkey – Sounds Of Spring"

CD CoverProduced by Wildside Productions and nationally known outdoorsman Ray Eye , this audio program captures the dramatic wildlife and wild turkey sounds of the spring woods.

In addition to the crystal clear sounds of the pre-dawn-to-daylight morning woods, this 40 minute length program gives the turkey hunter step-by-step calling instruction covering the proper response to actual wild turkey sounds. These incredible sounds include gobbling on the roost, fly-down cackles, spitting and drumming – and full-blown "coming in on the run" gobbling.

By listening to this program, the hunter will learn to "talk turkey" using Box, Slate, Push-button, and Diaphragm mouth calls. Using these calling tools, the listener can practice – and learn when to use – such essential calls as the Yelp, Cluck, Purr, Fly-down Cackle, Tree Call, and Gobbler Yelp.

"Sounds of Spring" Tracks:

1. Introduction
2. the Roost
3. Calling
4. Tree Call
5. Fly Down Cackle
6. Hen Yelp
7. Cluck and Purr
8. Gobbler Yelp
9. Spit and Drum
10. Locating
11. Box Call
12. Push Button Yelper
13. Slate/Glass Call
14. Diaphragm Mouth Call
15. Reeded Owl Hooter
16. The Hunt

Listen to a portion of Track 2, titled "The Roost"
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"Eye On The Wild Turkey – Sounds of Spring" (40 min. length) is available on audio cassette for only $11.95 or on CD for only $14.95.

Don’t miss out on having this amazingly realistic training tool in your turkey hunting library for year-round use and enjoyment.

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