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“Calling is Everything Part III”

DVD $19.99

Third in a series of “calling is everything” A seminar format DVD that teaches you how to successfully call and kill turkeys, early season, mating season, and late season.

Calling is everything Part 3 is ninety minutes of “teaching hunts” with non-stop action, including unbelievable hen strutting action as we address the hen social status and pecking order, and history of the gobbler yelp.

Hunts include, early season Kansas youth hunt, two Illinois hunts, hunt on the big Island of Hawaii, Missouri, Wyoming, and Florida.

“Deer Camp”
A hunting tradition with family & friends
DVD $19.99

Fifty four (54) Chapters, ERT: One hour -thirty six minutes (1:36)

Firearm hunts-Muzzleloader hunts-Youth deer hunts-Doe management

A Whitetail hunting DVD featuring youth deer hunting, doe management and good ole fashion “working man” firearm gun deer hunting.

Sixteen (16) Whitetail hunts in a seminar format with tips & instruction.

Your host, legendary hunter Ray Eye, is a name synonymous with turkey hunting; however, Ray is as equally talented in the Whitetail world. As a deer hunter for more than fifty years, Ray, for more than thirty years, organized and manages annual Whitetail deer media camps, where he personally scouts and places Tree stands & blinds for large groups of the outdoor media.

“This is a much different type of deer hunting DVD,” says Ray Eye. “Although ‘big Bucks’ seems to be the craze of today’s hunters,” we concentrate more on youth hunters, Doe management, black powder and the hunting industries largest market, modern firearm hunting.

“Eye on the Whitetail”, “Deer camp” is not about how many inches, how big a buck is or ‘what does he score’, it’s about the tradition of deer hunting with family and friends. It’s about helping a young hunter take their first deer; it’s about when fellowship & friendship while sharing the outdoors in a family deer camp is more important than killing a deer or how many inches a buck measures.

In this DVD Ray utilizing both tree stand and ground blind set ups supported with incredible video footage in a seminar format to help hunters everywhere learn the how, where and why of setting up on Whitetail deer for a successful hunt.

Limited offer!

Turkey hunter combo pack for Spring Turkey season! Your total cost, $34.99

Ray’s book, “Turkey Hunter’s Bible and “Calling is Everything” DVD combo, a $49.94 Value when ordered separately. For a limited time only, $34.99, price includes shipping!

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Calling is everything DVD matches book Chapters. On DVD, see turkeys react to calling, hear turkeys call, watch and listen how to use turkey calls, both Book and DVD chapters include turkey calls, how to use them, Calling is everything, Scouting pre-season with a turkey call, and myth of the call shy turkey.


‘Turkey Hunter’s Bible’ Is The Real Deal By: Josh Dahlke

Last weekend, when I wasn’t enjoying my grandma’s home-cooked meals, I spent most of my time in her backyard with the company of songbirds and the best book I have ever read—no kidding—written by professional turkey hunting legend Ray Eye. Aptly named “Ray Eye’s Turkey Hunter’s Bible,” it’s what I would deem as authentic scripture directly from the Meleagris gallopavo gods for spring turkey hunters. Ray Eye is an expert by definition when it comes to wild turkeys. He has arguably spent more time studying, analyzing, documenting and hunting wild turkeys than hundreds of other “professional” turkey hunters combined. Just read the numerous testimonials from such pros in the beginning of “Turkey Hunter’s Bible” if you don’t believe it. The book begins with a rich historical background of Ray’s stomping grounds in the Missouri Ozarks, a core area of initial wild turkey restoration efforts and the place he began to grow feathers. Later, it covers everything from call selection, technique and hunting setups to turkey behavior and spring gobbler activity phases. All the while, Ray reinforces the info that’s being presented with real hunting stories. As you absorb Ray’s extensive advice while paging through this end-all of turkey hunting books, you might find yourself grinding your teeth at times; I know I did. “Call-shy” turkeys don’t exist. That lesson is shoved down the reader’s throat repeatedly as an overwhelming theme to the book. Why? No, it’s not because Ray Eye wishes to profit from the sales of Hunter’s Specialties turkey calls—it’s because he truly believes that “call-shy” is a myth that needs to be dispelled so turkey hunters far and wide can increase their success in the field. If you can honestly say you’re a more seasoned turkey hunting aficionado than Ray, and you think he’s full of it, go ahead and present your call-shy arguments to the contrary. If you’re like me, that’s not the case and probably never will be, no matter how much we try. Fact: Not everyone gets to enjoy a career as a full-time turkey hunter. So, for those of who can’t, we might as well humbly submit to the astonishing expertise contained in the very few gentlemen like Ray. We should just be thankful he is a gentleman, and that he is willing to share every detail of his hard-earned knowledge to make us better turkey hunters.

“Legends of Fall”
Friends, Family and our hunting traditions
DVD $19.99

01:31.00 (1 hour 31 minutes) Estimated Run Time

This action packed fall turkey hunting DVD has full length turkey hunts on public ground, scatter hunts, non scatter hunts, Fall Gobbler hunts and hunting with turkey dogs. Hunts include incredible wild turkey footage and real wild turkey fall vocalizations.

“Legends of Fall” celebrates our rich hunting heritage and pays tribute to those before us who passed the hunting torch on to the next generation.

“Legends Of Fall” invites the viewer to join us at our Fall turkey hunting Camp fire and then takes you along as Ray breaks down and explains each hunt in his classic Ray Eye “seminar format” way.

“Legends” begins in the Missouri Ozarks, then up to Central Missouri, Northeast Missouri, out to Kansas and up to New York State, Turkey Trot Acres, as we hunt with world famous turkey dogs.

“Chasing III”
Great friends & Good times
DVD $19.99

Chasing III, one hour and thirty-two minutes of fast action hunting and incredible turkey footage in a seminar information style format, all hunts are exclusively from our Chasing Spring 2012 adventure.

Follow Ray Eye as he travels to the February 2012 NWTF National Convention, then on to Campeche Mexico for Ocellated turkeys, Florida for the Osceola, Missouri scouting adventures, KFNS media hunt, return to Campeche, and then finish 2012 Chasing Spring in the sand hills of Nebraska on a Cabela’s media hunt.

Ray Eye breaks down scouting expeditions and each hunt with valuable how to information utilizing unbelievable Wild turkey video footage and incredible wild turkey vocalization.

Outdoor media Reviews are in, it’s unanimous, Chasing III is rated our best of the Chasing Spring series with Wild turkey footage, turkey vocalization and information to help turkey hunters everywhere become more successful.

“Calling is Everything"
How to call turkeys the Ray Eye way
DVD $19.99

1:29.00 Estimated Run Time
Thirty Four Chapters

Chapters Include:

  • Detailed instruction of proper use of friction calls, slate, glass and box call.
  • Detailed instruction of proper use of diaphragm mouth call
  • “How to call today’s “hened up”, pressured gobblers”
  • 10 “teaching” hunts with kills, Missouri, Massachusetts, Florida, Illinois, Wyoming, Hawaii, and Kansas.
  • Myth of the “call shy” turkey
  • Secrets reveled on how pro turkey hunter , Ray Eye captures amazing turkey footage, and completes a very high percentage of outdoor television shows all across America , all with “Calling”
  • Scouting pre season and during the hunt with a turkey call
  • Hunting and calling information tactics and tips from Ray’s 30 plus years of hunting professionally in 42 states and Mexico
  • Turkeys are Turkeys, wherever you hunt.
  • Calling & killing turkeys outside that small window of opportunity during the mating season.

“Boys of Autumn”
How to Call & Kill Fall Turkeys

DVD $19.99

One Hour and 32 minutes (1:32) of nonstop action
Thirty Seven Chapters, Twenty-Five Fall turkey kills

Chapters Include:

  • Fall Wild turkey vocalization with real turkeys, including the gobbler yelp.
  • Calling in scattered fall flocks
  • “The Boys of Autumn” Pecking order & social structure of the Male Turkey
  • Calling in flocks, no scatter, hunting roosted flock, no scatter,
  • “Run & gun” calling in flock, young birds.
  • Kansas, Roosting, huge DEC flocks, Rob Keck, Ray Eye kills, unbelievable turkey vocalization…
  • Fall Gobbler hunt, no scatter, challenging the Gobbler flock,
  • Missouri Ozarks fall Gobbler hunt, includes fall strutting & gobbling footage

Eye On The Wild Turkey Volume 3
DVD $19.99

The final Chapter in Turkey hunting…

This is not today’s standard “good ole boys” gos hunt ‘n, over and over again, high five, fist pumping, music- over turkey footage and same old thing DVD…

“I will show you how to locate, roost turkeys, call and consistently kill spring gobblers, regardless of time of year, hens, weather, or hunting pressure.”

Ray Eye  

"It’s the best thing I have ever seen, period, in an outdoor video presentation." – Mark Strand, President and Founder, School of Outdoor Sports

“Eye on the Wild Turkey” series…  

  Volume 1  Demonstrates the basic to intermediate turkey hunting tactics, basic calling information, turkey identification and scouting.

Volume 2  Instruction for Intermediate to Advanced turkey hunting tactics, pecking order, turkey seasonality, strut zones, bad -weather birds, how, where to set up and gobbler yelping.

Now, “Eye on the Outdoors presents” …

“Eye on the Wild Turkey” Volume 3  

Now its time for the Hunt … time to teach you how to consistently locate call and kill spring Gobblers…

“Eye on the Wild Turkey” volume 3, is in a seminar edited format, Ray Eye tells you the why, when and where, on how to kill spring Gobblers…

– How to call and Kill Turkeys

A true pioneer of modern-day turkey hunting, Ray Eye presents his all new, state of the art DVD video seminar program. This DVD includes some of the finest turkey footage ever produced with more than 30 actual wild turkey hunts.

"I’ve given thousands of seminars and clinics over the years in countless towns across North America. Turkey hunters today are at a much higher level of knowledge and expertise than just a few years ago. I’ll show you my techniques and tactics regarding, roosting gobblers, calling the wild turkey, and perhaps one of the most crucial aspects, taking the shot, and how to kill turkeys.”

This DVD answers the most asked questions from turkey hunters everywhere: when, where and how to consistently call and kill turkeys."

34 Chapters: DVD is “Book Marked” for you to go to whatever tactic you’re interested in viewing.

All about the wild turkey:
Pecking order and seasonality of wild turkeys year round…

Calling is everything:
How to call, Real hens calling, wild turkey flock vocalizing, how Ray Eye calls in different hunting situations.
How to locate and roost turkeys for greater success     

  Take your best Shot:
Pattering, guns, loads and Ray Eye breaks down why turkey hunters miss turkeys. You learn from your mistakes! Now learn from the pros when TV hunts go terribly wrong .

The Final Approach:
You asked for it, now here it is, Ray Eye’s seminar program demonstrating the when, where and how of setting up to kill spring gobblers.

Watch actual hunts during that crucial moment of truth, the Gobbler’s final approach.  Field hunting set ups, Timber hunting set ups etc.